4 Tips During Corona Virus



4 tips on how you and your family can save electricity during coronavirus.

Household electricity bills set to spike due to more people staying home during the day.

Use the power of the sun to help with the increase of electricity usage you and your family consume. IMPORTANT: If you already have solar like most homes, make sure it is working correctly! Get your solar cleaned and checked to make sure you are saving on electricity.

If you don’t yet have LED lighting this really applies for you! Incandescent bulbs are costing you a fortune to run. You should either use natural lighting or task lighting like desk lamps to save on electricity. Alternatively you should get your main lights replaced with LED bulbs that are 12 MORE as efficient and a lifespan up to 60,000 hours (That’s the same amount of time if you left a light on 24 Hours a day for 7 Years!)
Since technology is getting better and better with LED bulbs an LED bulb is almost the same price as a Halogen bulb! 

If you have an electric hot water system, a good way to save electricity right away is to cut down the time spent in the shower. By doing this you keep hot water in the tank and hot water system doesn’t require to draw power to heat the water up as often, saving you heaps!

There are a tone of solutions that help you manage your electricity usage smarter.

Solar Energy

If you have solar, make sure that your pool, hot water, dish washer, washing machine and dryer are all going on during the peak sun light hours of the day. This will let you draw power from the solar to power these items rather then using electricty from the grid during the afternoon to night. Peak sun light hours are commonly between 10AM-1:30PM

Air Conditioners
Try to turn off your air conditioner by 3PM to ensure that it is not powering the air conditioner from the grid.

Cook outside! Fire up the barbecue and cook lunch and dinner outside, this will reduce the heat in your home and won’t require the air conditioner to cool down your house

Electricity Smart Meter

Install an electricity smart meter! A smart meter directly installed to your house switchboard can monitor exactly how you are using your electricity.
Common things it can monitor
 Air Conditioning Power Consumption
– Oven / Stove Power Consumption
– Power and Lighting Power Consumption
– Pool Pump Power Consumption
– Solar Power Production
This allows you to know when exactly is the best time to turn on and off appliances. Especially if you have solar! You will know exactly how much power is being produced and what appliances you can turn on.