Top 10 Electrical tips to stay safe at home

TOP 10 Electrical tips to stay safe at home
  1. Throw away old and damaged appliances.
  2. Never use appliances with exposed or damaged wiring power cords.
  3. Don't touch wet electrical outlets
  4. Regularly test that your electrical safety switches for all of your circuits are working.
  5. If you have toddlers, be sure to use child-proof plugs to prevent them from sticking in objects into power sockets.
  6. Minimise the use of extension boards, one of the main causes of house fires is due to overloading multiple extension boards onto each other.
  7. When removing a plug from a socket, don't pull from the cord. Instead pull from the plug itself.
  8. Never leave heaters, hair dryers on if you leave the room or house.
  9. Unwind cords fully during use to prevent overheating
  10. Always use a licenced electrician, don't attempt the work yourself.