Positive Payback

Positive Payback: Earn $400 for your household*

*Earn up to $400 just by installing a Peak Smart air-conditioner. Connect your hot water system to an economy tariff and receive a $200 reward.
Positive Payback by Energex has some fantastic rewards for households that manage their energy usage across power-hungry appliances by connecting to economy tariffs or using energy-saving technologies.

Apply now for PeakSmart air-conditioning, pool or hot water reward.

See the Energex website for full details.

Positive Payback: Business

*Earn rewards for energy efficiency

Your business may be able to claim up to $185/kW for energy efficiencies and up to $41/kVAr for power factor correction just by managing your peak demand.
For many businesses wastage can add up to thousands of dollars. This can note only reduce your power bill but reduce demand placed on the electricity network. The Positive Payback Business program rewards eligible businesses that are able to show a reduction in their peak demand electricity usage.

See the Energex website for full details.